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To Expand Human Communication leading by example and demonstrating the capability of every human to "speak" without the use of the common 5 senses.
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Monique Empath

Psychic Medium
With an IQ of 134, she is not your average Psychic Medium.

BACKGROUND: Born an Empath and of Gifted Intelligence, I spent many years in self exploration with the guidance of various psychologist who became astounded by my repeatedly accurate intuition. I was encouraged to continue to use and become dependent on my extra sensory extension, which led to my career as a professional psychic medium. Reading for celebrities such as the wife of Dr. Drew Pinsky. ___________________________________________________ PROCESS: My approach is to provide clients detailed intuitive insight while patiently allow them to conclude their own resolutions. This process encourages each client to remain confident in themselves. Reminding them I am only the medium of hidden communication and that ONLY THEY posses the power to will or make things happen.

  • Knowlege

    I have studied brainwaves patterns and Intuition on a biological function to understand why my natural gifts have excellent accuracy. I am a spiritual being but owe my abilities to; genetics, the unique function of my neurological system, and active brainwave patterns particularly the Theta and Alpha states, which allow me to process information that is more subtle and appears to be invisible to less gifted and average minds

  • Passion

    I enjoy connecting with people deeply, as I can see deep inside their souls and communicate on planes of communication beyond the typical five sense. This ability is natural and second nature for me therefore it brings me great happiness to obtain and provide insight to individuals, about themselves and those around them, whether in the physical body or spiritual body.

  • Commitment

    Encouraging clients to use their own intuition at whatever level they personally posses so they can find the confidence and freedom in themselves. I strive for a world where all humans greatly consider and adapt communication intuitively with one another in their daily lives.

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