September 29, 2016

Psychic Reading Terms & Conditions

Monique Empath will not answer questions seeking answers for, medical advice, legal advice or mental evaluations including pregnancy confirmations. A reading with Monique Empath shall not be used as a substitute for the advice of a health or legal professional.

Paid Bookings that do not result in a reading by Monique Empath will be refunded at the scheduled appointment end time.

Bookings that do result in a reading even if the reading was delayed will not be refunded.

Being late by 10 minutes may cause cancellation by Monique Empath of the booking.

Bookings are done in the clients time zone. Clients must ensure that they select their current time zone when booking.

Cancelling a booking online only cancels the time selected and does not automatically refund payment but sends a notification to admin staff to inquire with the client the need of a refund.

Email to refund a booking that did not result in a reading.

Only admin staff can refund a cancelled booking.

Sometimes a booking may be made without payment. However the booking will not be met until the payment has been made.