I personally do care what people think of me and sometimes I even care about what is said about ..But let me tell ya ! What is said or thought has never really stopped me from doing what I want to do Anyway! Ha! But it’s nice to know who’s in my Corner and who’s
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Daily Totem Message- Scimitar Oryx

Scimitar Oryx Not a creature you would see often as this animal has been close to world extinction and is a rare sight inside and outside of captivity. The rarity of this animal is a paramount parallel to its characteristic of being mistaken for the mythical Unicorn. When sighted standing from certain angels the massive perfectly
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Daily Totem Message -Praying Mantis

Take your time don’t let anyone push you towards any direction. Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that’s the path you must take. Sometimes the source of a talent comes from; a need to escape; a desperation for survival or a desire to fit in. But once you have survived, once you
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Daily Totem Message- Raccoon

Raccoon know what your threats are and don’t spend your time anticipating them. Plant your feet bend your knees and be fluid. Raccoons are opportunists. They don’t move very fast and they seam to not act very frightened upon being face by what my seam like a threat, instead they become more inquisitive about their
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Daily Totem Message- Horntail Wasps

Horntail Wasp Be not intimidated. Do not let yourself ever be intimated by a task, a challenge, no other person and most importantly never intimate yourself . You have a good as an opportunity for survival, amazing accomplishments a life of wins and gains, just as anyone else. What may seam daunting is just an
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Daily Totem Message- Goldfinch

Goldfinch This brightly feathered yellow bird is a sight to see. Although a rather small bird, seeing this yellow beauty fly across your path is something to notice. Birds are often called little messenger alerting us of great news. A message along with the color yellow, (known for healing and intuition) is what the Goldfinch is offering you.
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Daily Totem Message- Locust

Locust   You are not just one thing. You are many things, many gifts, many talents, many traits. You are many places, you are many colors and…       most importantly anything that anyone thought you once were, you can become more than what they could of ever imagined you to be. At anytime you
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Daily Totem Message- Hawk

Hawk There is always a greater reason for your current actions. Pull yourself high above your personal environment/situation. Your current actions are a direct reflection of your future situations. Don’t turn your back on what’s happening right before your eyes instead ask yourself  ‘what can I do in this present moment, that will improve my future aspirations’ .
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