How To Take Advantage of your child with Autism! 

How To Take Advantage of your child with Autism!

It’s the real first day of summer vacation with the kid home all day … I was nervous about how this was gonna go working, her home.. But its been alright so far … I played cops and robbers I was placed in a bathroom jail ..I got bail to take 2 work calls.


Then I rescued a Squishy toy that was stuck inside another Squishy toy. I’m a Hero. Now I am about to answer emails, before we lunch at Timmy’s, where I can take my tablet and take works calls there too then maybe hit the pool where I might be able to take work calls there too. While, I like to think I’m the one who has this all on point, I’d be foolish to take any credit for the process in which our new summer schedule has begun.


In walks the Autistic, List making, Schedule and Vocabulary, Letter loving, obsessed Little girl with Pom Pom hair.


She makes a list of things we need and things we have to do .. I told her to add “mommy takes work calls after cops and robbers”


While most times its a real exhausting task to get her to try new things go new places be spontaneous, she hates that! We took the same path to school almost every day but knowing she has challenges with change and a complete disdain of the unknown and out of sequence, a few days in the month I make us take a path we never took before.

Gizmo to Gremlin in 0 to 60 secs.

Let me tell you fury, hate, anger and even aggression that can come out of this ever so loving fluffy hair cutie is not for the faint at heart you got to be strong and not take anything personally.

But I’m committed to exposing her to face her fears to enforce that as uncomfortable as things may get you can still get through them. I don’t expect that she will ever like change or like spontaneity or be comfortable with brand new experiences and that’s okay! I don’t always like em either! But just like my fear of this summer break scheduled we got this !

And this is where her sense of comfort in routine will shine. I get an assistant to plan our days .. And she gets to be that nerdy, non neurotypical, we all so love.

Autism 1 Moms Anxiety O

So am I really taking advantage of my Autistic Kid or just finding a positive spin on what can sometimes be a nightmare

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