“I actually moved into the drawing I sketched!..”

Is it possible to Read Myself ?

It may sound funny for a psychic reader to go see a psychic reader ..But it happens ! Reading someone else’s energy happens in a half here half there state. Part way between day dreaming and paying attention. When reading someone your mind kinda lapses out of consciousness, meaning you become very less aware of the things right in front of you.Think of it as being distracted while doing something …hate to compare it to distracted driving but that’s what it’s like you are driving cause you don’t need your entire brain to focus on that task it happens without thinking about it but you do need more of your brain to text so you can complete the drive while paying attention to the text .. but honestly let’s not take such risk where the safety of other people lives are at steak that’s just bad judgement .

“So reading myself causes me to lose consciousness..”

However that is what happens during a psychic reading the information received about the reading is like the text.So reading myself causes me to lose consciousness of how what’s in  front of me and essentially some ability to articulate and retain what i’ve picked up. So unless I speak my own reading out loud and record it for later play back I would need to use some type of “tool” that will allow me to stay in a day dream state while I track the details of this dream state also known as theta state of awareness in brain waves terms or a state of subconscious or known as state of flow or being in flow …

So my tool to bring my own subconscious to the surface is drawing. I start with an Intention in mind or sometimes no intention in mind and I just draw what ever lines or designs that come to me adding lines, designs and symbols as I go. Only what feels right I place it on the paper and only where it feels it should go. Then when the feelings stop I stop and there is my subconscious mind all one paper as evidence. For later analysis.The drawing above  was the time when I knew I had to move but had no idea where I was going to move, and the panic and anxiety started to set in.

“I actually moved into the drawing I sketched!..”

The picture on the right is the view from the home I ended up moving to, which only came on the market 16 days after I drew the sketch on the left and it wasn’t until today I realized how similar the two are including the bridge I walk every day and a plane that would be from the airport that is just right behind the bridge to the left. Now you can see how fancy my subconscious mind likes to be, it turned the building into an elaborate artistic flower that may mean something more i’m just not sure what yet. Hmmm ?

Seriously I can’t tell you how much your subconscious mind already knows about your future. I feel like a broken record saying this again and again. Some people are just built with brains that have a fine fine line between the subconscious mind and conscious mind however the line between the two can be crossed by anyone if they want to.

A Psychic Medium is only a person who is connecting the subconscious mind to the consciousness mind.

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