Intuitive Cooking- Ginger Molasses Smoothie w/Coconut Milk

Ginger Molasses Smoothie w/Coconut Milk

So they say if you are drawn to it then you probably need it.  Well it may just be an old Jamaican folklore, although I’ve read many articles about it from all over the world, Molasses is supposed to be a good source of Iron and can benefit someone like myself who is iron deficient. Well all I can say is that eating molasses felt so good and Its been on my mind for days!

Ingredients and How much:

Coconut Milk – I used 3 quarters of a can but could of used the whole thing to make two smoothie cups

Ginger Root – 1 large chunky piece, it is very strong

Molasses – you are gonna have to feel this one out ..pour a little at a time keep adding till ya love it



Pot to simmer on the stove or like what i did and used my tea pot with a warmer

What I did:

I peeled the ginger and cut it up in medium sized chinks, (what’s medium sized? you ask well large enough to fit nicely on a table spoon

I put the chopped and peeled ginger into the the coconut milk and heated it up to a simmer ..Well I cheated using the microwave as you can see in the video. Once it was simmering I let the ginger infuse for 6hrs int the milk over a warm to medium heat. 6hrs was kinda excessive i think. Not gonna lie to ya I actually forgot a bout it. I headed for the school run made the little one her dinner hung out with her and chilled. However the longer it infused the stronger it gets. So if you like a strong, so strong it might put hair on your chest and clear all your sinuses for a ten years then, by all means go for the 6hrs! Note you will loose a bit of the milk content as its gets  sucked up into the ginger.

I then removed the large ginger chunks and poured in the hot ginger infused milk into the blender and added in the Molasses. I knew i wanted a mine to be rich with molasses I was trying to fight anemia for goodness sake! So I just went to town with molasses.

Blended baby blend!

I enjoyed it hot and warm but I then added ice cubes to tun it into a frothy chilled smoothie.

And don’t forget! sit back and have your drink in a glass cup or mug that you love! I garantee you that will make it taste even better!

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