Travel Can Make You highly Intuitive!

Canada Dry Commemorative Can

Many languages. You can really find us all here in 🇨🇦 particularly speaking Ontario… I’ve lived here my whole life, minus the 3 years I was being born and raised in Jamaica, What I love the most about Canada is how people really hold fast to their culture and bring their traditions and culture into the life they live here. I know personally growing up in my household in, Hamilton Ontario, was as if we never left the island. ha! The only way we could tell we weren’t on the island was weather ! ..

Beyond deserts, I never ate any dishes that weren’t Jamaica ones. McDonald’s ? What.. what ? My parents even had personal relationships with farmers and I was raised on farm to table meats; chicken, ox tail cow foot. I remember Friday nights my dad would come home with 5-10 huge cardboard boxes lined with plastic filled with fresh meat and I mean FRESH MEAT!.

I will smell that smell for the rest of my life, in fact all the smells inside my home from the cooking to the skin care we used were drastically different from what I experienced outside my home. This adaption created a heightened sense of smell and a heightened awareness of all senses in different situation. Visually the sight of the bright red blood which was mixed with melted ice that would collect in the bottom of the boxes was Red, like the Red in the Canadian Flag I always now make that compassion in my mind, ohh the irony. Our Canadian Flag reminds me of Ontario’s farmers meat. I would watch my father bag out our family sized portions of meat and thighs into freezer bags and then It was my job to carry the bags into our basement deep freeze which he packed to the brim. Grocery store meat ? What ? What’s that .? Our family was organic before organic was in fashion.




Ha ! And let’s talk about the languages throughout Ontario, so many languages spoken here, majority of the peers I grew up with spoke another language or dialect at home. My father’s accent was so thick. I remember when he would get frustrated talking to business people on the phone and I’d once had to translate for him they couldn’t understand him. He never had any ambition or desire to tailor himself for them in anyway shape or form, to adapt to the new land of Canada he was in. His attitude was, “let them adapt to me!”  He worked a job where verbal communication wasn’t at the forefront of his requirement he worked rather independently. I believe that is often the position of many who live and work in Canada and that is also another reason why cultures are able to remain intact … This may be the reason why Im terrible at pronunciations. Maybe?

Language is only a fraction of the entire spectrum of human communication. I feel those who are submersed into an environment where they language or even dialect is different then their own forces the instinctive intuition to surface in greater ways then others not facing language barriers.

The more you allow yourself to explore and even submerge yourself into other cultures and different environments or different experiences you are creating your body natural reaction the unfamiliar, which is awareness, your body’s natural defense system ans while their may be not threat your body has your back and is producing all the hormones and neurological reactions that allow you to take in more information that you normally would including the very subtle, silent and invisible communication that would otherwise go undetected. Experiencing culture shock you will also be forcing your natural intuition to expand. Happy 150 years Canada !


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