Yes you are a Healer. You just didn’t realize it.

Where are my Healers at? Reading this article right now, that’s where.

I can check off having all of the below symptoms minus the heart attack ..ughh… I know it will take time to reverse all of this now that the cause for it has been cured i just don’t want to spend the next 34 years of my life recovering from the first 34 years.

However, isn’t that the thing we are supposed to do? To unlearn all the things we learned. So spending the next half of my life reversing all the behaviors thoughts, mentality that are no longer serving me well, might be exactly what I need.

I can say that throughout my recovery. So many times I have woken up and felt like a different woman. Literally have. I have woken up from a deep sleep in a bed that wasn’t my own a room that wasn’t mine, with blood that wasn’t mine flitted into my body and pumping through my veins. I literally woke up with Blood DNA and tissue from other people.

Did you know that one bag of blood is not just from one donor but a collection of many donors as healers. I woke up with the chance to live another day because a collection of people who don’t know me and wont even know me gave me the most essential part of themselves. Healing others with energy starts with the will and the desire to do so. So just by simply having a true desire to help someone with the confidence they can be healed even if you don’t know how to heal them is the exact process that natural healers do. The mind along with its desire is more powerful and practical then you may even want to believe.

No wonder I’m an Empath right! Literally feeling what other people are feeling and their intentions to help right at the moment their blood filled with all that will and desire was drained then stored to be then placed inside me…….

We can sit and think about that…..Just think about that for a moment.

Like a scene right out of The 100, Human Trials Episode when the mountain men where surviving the radiation by taking the bone marrow from the Skye Crew. Can’t tell you how much I resonated personally with that show.


I was given the chance for survival because of the generosity of other humans. I do owe the next 34 years of my life as a devotion to recovery of, not just my body from anemia , but recovery for every bad behavior, bad choice I have made or that ever was made against me.

To the Blood donors of the world I owe it too you. Unlike the Mountain Men in The 100 I will not let your sacrifices go in vain. Or ever forget that I am here today because of the good in this world.

Alright next 34 years Im ready for you …LET’S GET ‘ER DONE!

2 thoughts on “Yes you are a Healer. You just didn’t realize it.

  • Good stuff!
    I’ve read many of Joel Goldsmith’s books. He was a healer over a hundred years ago during the New Age spiritual movement. It was very interesting reading.

    • Thank you! And I have not heard of Joel Goldsmith before you mentioned him, I took some time to learn more about him. Thank you for bringing his name to my attention.

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